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in hieroglyphs

Thutmose (also rendered Thutmoses, Thutmosis, Tuthmose, Tutmosis, Thothmes, Tuthmosis, Thutmes, Dhutmose, Djhutmose, Djehutymes, etc.) is an anglicization of the ancient Egyptian personal name dhwty-ms, usually translated as "Born of the god Thoth".

Thoutmôsis (in Ancient Greek Θούθμωσις / Thoúthmôsis) is the Hellenized form of the Egyptian Ḏḥwtj-mś (reconstructed pronunciation: /tʼaˈħawtij ˈmissaw/) and means "Born of Thoth". This theophoric name was part of the royal titulary of four pharaohs of the 18th dynasty as the name of Sa-Rê or "birth name". It was also worn by the eldest son of Amenhotep III, high priest of Ptah, as well as by a vizier who exercised his functions successively under Thutmose IV and Amenhotep III. Under this last king and under his successor, Amenhotep IV, two other high dignitaries, royal sons of Kush, similarly called themselves "Born[s] of Thoth".

Ancient Egyptians[edit]

Monarchs and royals[edit]

The name was common among royals of the Eighteenth Dynasty, which is thus sometimes called the "Thutmosid" Dynasty from the reign of Thutmose I onward.

Royal officials[edit]

Other Egyptians[edit]